Hola…and so it begins

So Good evening, hope this finds you well. I’ve started this blog to highlight some very funny comics who I come across in my trevail’s in the comedy world but as a fledgling stand up myself, a promoter of two (soon to be 3) comedy clubs in Somerset and in the last 12 months, a panel judge on the Fosters comedy awards 2014, a panel judge on the Leicester comedy festival 2015 and this summer, a scout for Fosters…basically I get to see a lot of comedy. This blog won’t tend to dwell on acts I don’t find funny as comedy’s so subjective and whatever floats yer boat and there’s just so many good acts around. Anyway, hope you enjoy.


Hello world!

Testing testing 1-2 1-2….a little bit more in the monitors please Dave.

Yeah, now lights,

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, a good friend of mine, I hope you enjoy him…its the Comedian inside…