Submarine Comedy Club – Thursday 7th July

The Submarine Comedy Club returned to the Archangel Frome, for another instalment of fast paced comedy and fund raising…tonights show was in aid of the Library of Things, a share shop with a difference. Another first for Frome and quite possibly a first for the UK too.  Find more info here;

A good crowd in with audience in from Spain, Dubai and even Trowbridge…with 4 of the comic’s travelling from London…and the show about to start, its always further than you think, however, we’ve long since got used to this and contingency plans are always in place. Tonight, free from his Frome Festivals Funniest triumph two days earlier, Phil Cooper opened preceding’s and again had the crowd onside very quickly, him and Frome audiences just seem to get along very well.

After the interval and with all the acts arrived we had Jake Baker, I’ve gigged with Jake a few times and he is a fine comic, very deceptive, with a understated delivery that works well and lulls the audience in. Some cracking lines like the two dwarfs, or the John Lennon is lovely. Following Jake was Anthony Miller, the MC of the legendary Pear Shaped comedy club in London. Understated but some great lines.

Before we started the second section comedy, we had Anna from the Share library say a few words about the library, everyone promised to visit.

Completing the trio of middle section came Jenny Collier. I saw Jenny performing on a bus at last years Edinburgh Festival and was impressed. Since then, she’s won a slew of competitions and is being def one to watch. She didn’t disappoint and won a whole new set of fans. Her phrasing stands out and she has a winning delivery that allows her to get over some material that other comics just wouldn’t be able to get away with. great stuff.

Headliner Yianni was simply fantastic, jumping from idea to idea. His song, is just brilliant and so dark, it brought a round of applause from the audience.

Another successful night and now time for a break with Edinburgh festival calling.


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