Downstairs at the Kings Head celebration gig

The Kings Head has a special spot in my comedy heart, seeing how I used to live next door (well the next road up)to it a long time ago and I got used to seeing all types of comedy, people like Harry Hill and Sean Lock and its also where I decided to make my debut a couple of years ago.

Last night, was a celebration of sorts as the refurb was a good excuse to have a week of sell out gigs. the line up for this one was impressive. Huw Thomas back at MC control and he got the whole crowd singing ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’ and he even bought his recorders for his specialist joke. Not sure what the younger crowd thought to a 70 yr old stuffing a recorder up his bottom to play it but that was comedy in the old days.

first up Stewart Lee, decided to redo his first set from 1989, neat idea, and some nice bits, lots of  meta comedy on the state of his set from then which worked well. Pete Firman followed and had a more traditional set of magic and comedy delivered in a high octune manc ( I hope he was manc) accent. crowd pleasing on both..which sounds like a criticism but isn’t meant as such. think we devalue those sort of skills sometimes. special appearance from Miles Jupp aka Rev or Archie from Balamorey…something to relate to my 4 yr old daughter tomorrow, although I think she’s more a Frankie boyle fan? He did some ranty bits on dishwashers which was well observed, some obvious tory bashing, which sometimes is all you need for a crouch end audience. and that rounded up the first act.

Simon Evans was probably the most polished act of the night, but that might be the suit which gives that impression, he went for it and got some good laughs throughout. rounding up, Sean Lock, who made the most obvious joke of the night about the refurb, that  probably got the biggest laugh. he did some  stuff off a bit of paper, some which worked , some which didn’t but he still managed to squeeze some comedy out of. lots of topical stuff. he’s just  comes across as someone who could talk about any subject and find the laughs. even in 2nd gear last night he was funnier than most. great to see him again at the kings head.

and that was that. well done to Peter for keeping this genuine comedy mecca one comedian said last night, this is the best comedy club in the world….and I’m playing it again on Feb 24th, see you down the front.


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