Rounding Up the comedy

So here’s a little round up of all the comedy I’ve been in and at recently.

First Up was a walk on part or SA, supporting artiste darlings, in a comedy pilot called the Mayoress, written by Brenda Gilhooly, it has all the makings of a classic. Thus a long but rewarding day spent at Bromleys old town hall amongst a cast including  Jack Dee, Michele Collins, Romesh Ranganathan, Harry Hill and for those of you with Cbeebies on in the household, Captain Sinker from Swashbuckle. I do some working around looking busy and toasting people in my guise as a local government officer, a part I was born to play. It was a great experience and I met some lovely generous people. As someone writing a sitcom myself, it was eye opening to see just how much work goes into just one episode and how many different people are involved behind the camera. Really looking forward to the premiere.

Next up a couple of days later was the opening party for ‘the Bill Murray’ public house, which is part of Angel Comedy Club down there in darkest Essex Road. Walking there I bumped into an old fella who happened to a heavily bearded John Bishop no less. Wow, You’ll never guess who I just bumped into I said to my mate who was waiting outside the pub, John Bishop he replied, me too. One of the promoters overheard us, which way was he heading lads, he’s playing here tonight and he’s lost. oops! Another great night and sets from various acs including John, who was doing some very early set building for his arena tour next year…now that’s pressure, knowing you have a date in the diary when you’re playing to 10,000 odd and here you are starting from scratch. He told the one about everyone being confused as to why Argentina had invaded scotland during the falklands war…I was telling that one when I was 14..whose ahead of the game! Also on the bill was Luisa Omielan whose next show could well be called ‘Politics bitches’, a great set and I was suitably impressed, she even found time at the end to officially open the toilets.The Bill Murray could well become the comedians hang out venue in london, it was great to bump into Phillip Simon currently ‘Jewish comedian of the year.’

The next night saw me over in Soho at the Soho Theatre of course, to catch Richard Gadd’s all conquering Edinburgh show ‘Monkey see, Monkey Do,’ which is a great show which manages to include alot of treadmill running, therapy conversations, mental health issues, masculinity, it packs a punch but has enough laughs throughout, especially the joke about mistakenly having put the show in the comedy section of the edinburgh listings. Much as I enjoyed it, I was also very relieved as when I started to read about the show, it felt like some similar comedy devices,  I use or want to develop were in use, the projector, the musical interludes, the voiceovers, having seen the show, its probably the closest in presentation to the type of comedy I went to move more into, its far removed from the one man and a mike just talking but equally, it’s completely different from my ideas, and in the same way I went in trepidation to check out Dave Gorman or David Trent, who people have pointed me towards, I was doubly happy. Catch this show if you can.

Last on the comedy tour was a trip to see Mark Thomas on my home turf of Frome in his Red Shed show. This was a comedy love letter to a place that obviously had a big influence  on Mark’s  political awakening, the Red Shed is still a vibrant place in uncertain places. Thomas remains a brilliant storyteller who brings characters to larger than life and in this one this brings to assist in the process.  Another show to catch.

Good to see some comedy  that was all thrilla and no filla, onwards and upwards.