Stand Up for Cider 2017 – Heat 1 – Jan.

Back for a third year, the stand up for cider competition has a healthy habit of throwing up some very promising budding comedians and this heat was no exception. With a new MC in the appearance of Wayne Beese controlling things and having endless fun with the audience, the 8 acts gave it their best shot. First up in the difficult opening slot was Joshua Elton, obviously a musician with a name like that and the welsh busker did very well and connected with the audience straight away, lovely oasis rewrite and references to Neil Diamond. Em Coombs came next and different pace kept the audience on their toes, strong first half of set undone abit by going over time. Mark Dennett was on next with, again another change in comedy direction with a whole set concentrating on the rules of office tea drinking, very well observed and written another very impressive set which James Micic did well to keep the laughs going with an excellent set, very lyrical, some lovely poetry/more rapping and he wrapped up a very intriguing first half, 4 very different sets, all getting the laughs. It was going to be a tough one to call.

2nd Half and Wayne had the crowd in the palm of his hand. First up was Danny Clives, and again, another impressive set, having previously gigged with Danny, he’s def gone up another level in terms of delivery and material.  Costa Lukaris was next up and again another sharpe turn away from straight ahead jokes into a raconteur style story, which while fewer jokes still had plenty of laughs and was very engaging. Adrian Wetherick bamboozled the audience, not sure they knew what hit them or what was coming next but the final act of the evening Alf (or Chris Leworthy) had some fantastic visual props which even when they didn’t quite come off, still got laughs, my favourites included the driving lisc and passport but you’ll have to check him out to see what I mean.

Whilst all the votes were totted up, another Wayne headlined, Wayne the Weird proved a canny choice with lots of set piece magic and ending up in a mankini is kinda expected in Taunton on a Friday night! Great set.

With the final votes in – Alf was declared winner, Danny Clives Runner up and Joshua Elton progressed to the final as the wild card, I think they deserved it but easily a couple more could have gone through…tough heat.

Heat 2 due 31st March. Looking forward to that one…be seeing you.


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