Submarine Comedy Club – arises – April 17

So it was back to business for the Submarine Comedy Club at a new home after a year on sabbatical. The refurbished Granary at the George Hotel is perfect for the type of in yer face comedy frome folk like, a real gem.

Tonight’s gig was in aid of the Jamie Mines fund appeal,

and continues out philosophy of supporting local causes and giving something back which remains a central aim of Submarine Comedy, pay it forward etc.

Anyway, onto the comedy and first on tonight was our new resident MC, the magnificent Sally Anne Hayward, who had done her research on local issues and was soon finding the funny  with a debate on the Victoria park toilets vote, the steiner school and giving blood. Naturally funny, she warmed up the crowd nicely for our first act Tom Glover ( replacing the President Obonjo, who’d had to drop out at short notice), Tom is a Submarine favourite and is turning into a fine comic, lots of new material, particular favourite is the little boys career advice. A great start.

In the middle section, Sally continued the banter with Glady’s the psychologist and brought on two newer acts. We are passionate about bringing new, up and coming acts to town we think are going places, see previous acts we’ve brought to town; Jenny Collier, Alfie Brown, Jon Robins, Russell Hicks, Laura Lexx and one certain Jon Richardson (whatever happened to him?) and so tonight, Louise Leigh and Tony Davidson were on in the middle, Louise went on first, barely a year into her comedy career and she exudes a tremendous amount of confidence, lovely jokes about MILF’s went down well with the audience and a great joke about teaching kids swimming was my fav. Next up was Tony who kept the energy going with a fantastic set, a gifted storyteller and even a pun run thrown in the set which even when getting a few groans was mixed with some big laughs. Two very impressive sets.

Finally, onto our headliner, Nick Page, to hit the stage. Someone whose been at the top of our ‘must book’ list for a long time now. I’ve seen Nick a few times but tonight it feels like he’s added another dimension to his comedy or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before, which is his ability to present his set whilst also deconstructing it at the same time without dropping a beat or losing a laugh. An acknowledged accomplished storyteller, this was a master class in comedy. My fav was the bit about men of a certain age collecting bits of wood for no discernable reason, ahem. But the politics of everything he doesn’t believe in and the planning laws in Gloucestershire were also well mined for laughs.

and that was that. Thanks to all the acts, professionals all. Its nights like this that make it all worthwhile. Looks like we’ve raised approx. £110 for the Jamie Mines fund. well done everyone.

If you missed out, do not fear as the Submarine returns on Monday 10th July with the always raucous hi-jinks that is the ‘Best of the West’ competition, as part of the Frome festival.



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